Gentle Reminder 1 (Improving Yourself Everyday)

The three responsibilities of Khalifah of Allah :

  • to make yourself good
  • to help others become good
  • to make the physical word good

Allah wants every Muslim to always improve and become better and better everyday. Therefore you always have to try to improve yourself by behaving better and becoming a nicer person everyday. In class, you can listen to teacher so that you can improve yourself.

Teachers and parents will keep reminding you on any wrong behavior  that you do, no matter  how small, so that  one day you will remember to correct the wrong behavior yourself. For example, you need to raise your hand if you want the teacher’s attention rather than just walking over the teacher, or speaking up and interrupting the teacher. When you try to become a better person all the time then you will be almost perfect. Allah wants every Muslim to be as close to perfect as possible.

Some scholars have said that if we don’t try to improve ourselves at leasts 40 times a day, then it means we have sinned. So, when you think about doing something bad and you decide not to do it, that means you are already trying to become better. Imagine the type of person you are going to be if throughout your life until you are old, you always tried to improve yourself everyday. You would have become as close to perfect as Allah  wants you to be. Then, Insya-Allah on the Day of Judgment you will be rewarded with Paradise. That is why you must try very hard to make yourself better and better each day.

# Prof. Dr. Muhammad al’Mahdi.


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